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Jew Killer?

Tragic events unfolded in Overland Park, Kansas on Palm Sunday. A shooter took aim at innocent bystanders at two Jewish centers: a community center and an assisted living center. Three people were killed. A suspect has been arrested. I will refer to him only as “Suspect” for two reasons: (1) under our system of law he is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt; and (2) people who carry out these deeds love to get their names in print. If Suspect is indeed guilty, then I don’t want to add my bit to gratifying him. If Suspect should prove to be innocent–and he is at this point–then his name should not be tarnished by associating it with the dastardly deeds done in Overland Park on Palm Sunday. Suspect does have a history of spouting hate toward Jews, people of color, and others unlike himself.

But there’s an ironic twist to what happened Palm Sunday. The shooter apparently had decided to vent his hatred against Jews. So he began his killing spree. One Jew down; two more Jews down.
But wait, it turns out he killed three Christians! A Roman Catholic and two Methodists.

Hate turned loose is hate turned loose, indiscriminate hatred. Jesus says when we hate someone in our hearts, our hearts have become murderous. Murderous hearts are indiscriminately destructive. Hatred unleashed recognizes no boundaries.

Oh be careful little heart who you hate.